Glenn:  June, 2018

Top Notch! Yates will be my go to for HVAC needs in the future. I just moved here from NC during a heatwave and the AC was totally inoperable. Turns out we needed to replace the AC and Furnace in the home. Wayne got us cooling for a day on the existing system (at no cost) and then had his technicians at the house 36 hours later installing the new system. As a veteran, they also provided me with a military discount. I highly recommend this company!!!


Russ:  March, 2018

Brandon and Mike were at my house yesterday to do some service work on my Burnham boiler.  These guys did a great job and were very professional.  Mike immediately diagnosed the problems I was having and the guys had them fixed in short order.  This 14-year-old boiler runs like new.
Thanks for great service.  I will be calling you guys again in the fall for a pre-winter checkup.

Cory: January, 2018

I cannot thank you guys enough.  The prompt service and professionalism that you guys showed is exactly what we would come to expect.  Brandon was especially the type of worker that I would want in my home and doing the type of work that we needed.  From the minute he showed up he got straight to work and trouble shot the problem.  This time of year is incredibly concerning due to the low temperatures that we are faced with in the state and he restored our heat within a couple of hours.  The House never got below 61 and we were never faced with any real threat of harm to our house or more importantly our safety.  Brandon was a pleasure to have in our home and we will be keeping you guys on file in the event of another unfortunate re-occurrence to our heating or cooling system.  Thank you guys very much!!!

Lori:  November, 2017

I was referred to Yates by a friend and have to say the guy that came out was very thorough and took care of my problem quickly and the best part was that they did not gouge me.

Lindsey: August, 2017

Much love for Yates Heating and Cooling right here! We have air!

When something bad happens, you question humanity and why there are people who try to make other people’s lives harder just to make a little extra money.

After my recent horrendous air conditioner deception by a horrible company, and the post I wrote about it was shared (thanks to you all!), I received a message from Yates Heating and Cooling wanting to help me out. They hated what had happened to us.

Wayne (owner) and Brandon drove out to my house twice and spent hours working on the a/c unit (after work hours) all out of the goodness inside them to correct someone else’s awful behavior. They were super nice and in great spirits given the late hours and circumstances. They explained everything to me and did whatever they could to help me out so the unit that I was told was unfixable (by the company that broke it) could be fixed.

I couldn’t be more appreciative and can only wish that they receive all the pay it forward good karma that they deserve for being mine and my kids heroes. They saved us a large amount of money and reminded us that you can still find beauty in ugly situations.


Trish:  April 2017

I want to let you know that Kelly who was here working on my house is amazing, she cleaned up after herself, she knew exactly what she was doing.  It was a pleasure to have her in my house working on our equipment, she’s a keeper.

Jeff:  March 2017

I really appreciate you guys working with my home warranty provider,  despite the long hold time and additional hoops to jump through and making this call on a Saturday.  I now know why you came so highly recommended. Thanks so much for sending this on.

Amanda:  March 2017

Thank you so much for the detailed receipt for my moms condo.  Really appreciate it being legible and detailed for future reference.  Please be sure to put my on the list for a  postcard or some reminder for service annually. I will have a tenant and we might need to make special arrangements.  Thanks again for the good service!

Anonymous:  November 2016

As an owner of many rental properties, I have always been able to rely on Yates to provide heating and cooling services when needed for my tenants.  The staff is efficient, they clean up and for the most part have been able to save me a lot of money making repairs and not just trying to sell me something I really didn’t need.  I highly recommend them.

Pat K. : September 2016

I live in a high-rise condo and had seen the Yates trucks in our parking lot a few times.  I asked some of my neighbors if they knew anything about them, because the heater in my living room wasn’t working that well.  My neighbor told me he attended a presentation by Yates and had them come into his home.  He was very pleased with their work, so I had them come into mine and they couldn’t repair the one in my living room,  and they checked out the 2 other.  They replaced the one in my living room and didn’t charge me anything more for checking out the other 2.  I thought that was nice and they did do a good job.

Annette: October 2015

They just installed a new furnace for us. Did a super job and cleaned up everything before they left. We are super happy with their service and professionalism. A+