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A faulty HVAC system can be devastating during a cold winter, leading to miserable temperatures and even severe health risks. Regular maintenance and repairs throughout the year are crucial to keeping units functioning when they are needed most. Yates Heating and Cooling is a team of skilled technicians with years of experience in managing HVAC systems. Work with us for all heat pump repair needs, and be ready when the temperatures drop.


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Heat Pump Service and Repair

Heat pumps transfer heat from one place to another to either heat or cool a building. In the summer the machines move heat out of a building, then move heat into a building during the winter. It works like a reverse air conditioner, using refrigerant to keep a home warm. Heat pumps source energy and air from outside or warmth from the ground. It blows air over the exterior area of the heat pump until the heat causes the refrigerant liquid to evaporate and turn into a gas. The gas moves through a compressor to increase pressure and raise its temperature. Then the heated gas can push air out into the home through the central heating or transfer heat into the hot water system. As heat moves through the home, the gas will drop in temperature and return to a liquid state. The cycle then begins again. There are different kinds of heat pumps, but all follow the same general process.

Heat pumps are an important part of reducing global emissions that come from residential and commercial buildings. These machines allow buildings to avoid high-carbon fuels for warmth and use low or zero-carbon alternatives instead. They are also more efficient than traditional forms of heating. They actually produce two to three times more heat output than they consume in electricity input.

A heat pump can last 10 to 20 years with adequate service and repair. It can develop problems, though, the more it is used. Especially in colder climates, like the Midwest, heat pumps may need necessary repairs. Pay close attention to the heat pump to notice when it suffers:

  • A blown motor
  • Broken starter capacity
  • Frozen heat pump coils
  • Low refrigerant levels
  • Circuit breaker problems or other electrical issues
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When these issues occur, home or business owners will notice noises, higher energy bills, and inconsistencies between their thermostats and the air temperature. Yates Heating and Cooling technicians can quickly service these issues. Give us a call when they arise!

Heat Pump Service Cost

Servicing the heat pump is the most common maintenance repair and typically costs roughly $200 to $500, but this can depend on a number of factors. The cost to service a heat pump will depend on the issue, the location of the pump, the location of the home or business, the time of year, and many other factors. Heat pump services will almost always cost less than full replacements, though, which will be necessary if maintenance is neglected. A new heat pump can typically cost anywhere from $4,000 to $7,000. Extend the life of the heat pump and save money in the long run by scheduling regular maintenance and repairs.

Heat Pump Repair Technician

HVAC specialists are another critical component to a fully functioning, efficient, and long-lasting heat pump. Working with our team of expert technicians will allow home and business owners to save time on the repair process, maintain energy-efficient buildings, keep operating costs down, and extend the life of the heat pump.

When a heat pump does develop problems, though, it is likely due to one of the following:

  • Refrigerant leaks: The heat pump can’t absorb and transfer heat without enough refrigerant. If the line begins leaking, the air will stay cool.
  • Iced-over unit: Common for outdoor units during the colder winter months. Too much ice can block the entire unit and lead to extreme issues. Call a technician immediately if this happens.
  • Stuck reversing valve: This allows the pump to change the flow of refrigerant. When it breaks, the pump can’t switch from cooling to heating mode.
  • Electrical problems: If the electricity can’t power the compressor and the fan, the air in the pump will go stale.

The Yates Heating and Cooling team works on issues like these regularly. We know the best tactics for easy and efficient repairs and will charge a fair price to manage the job. Our crews will ensure that the job is completed correctly the first time, allowing clients to avoid headaches and issues in the future.

Heat Pump Maintenance Checklist

During heat pump maintenance routines, technicians will go through various processes to fully understand potential problems and ensure they carry out repairs correctly. They will ensure the following:

  • The area in and around the heat pump is free of debris
  • Accuracy within the thermostat
  • Tight electrical connections, capacitors, relays, and contractors 
  • Sufficient lubrication to reduce friction
  • The disconnect switch and test time delay are working to prevent electrical hazards and blown fuses
  • Unobstructed drains 
  • Condensate pans that are free of leaks or cracks
  • Clean blower wheels and motors that promote proper airflow
  • Clean air filters
  • Safety panels and materials are placed properly
  • Clean condenser coils to avoid refrigerant pressure issues
  • Functioning crankcase heaters 
  • Condition of the defrost timer
  • Compressor power capabilities

These are all routine maintenance checks that should be performed on heat pumps regularly to avoid potential problems.

Yates Heating and Cooling works across southwest Michigan to keep homes and businesses warm during the winter. Contact our team when problems arise and we will swiftly respond to make necessary repairs. Work with our team throughout the year for routine maintenance jobs to avoid problems when it is most crucial. We work 24 hours, 7 days a week, to keep our clients healthy and comfortable.

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