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Air conditioning is a necessary part of any residential heating and cooling system. However, AC units can suddenly malfunction and stop working. This can lead to uncomfortable home climates.

If you need air conditioning repairs, the technicians at Yates Heating & Cooling are here to help. Our passionate and responsive team can quickly diagnose and repair your AC unit so that you can enjoy comfortable temperatures.


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24/7 Service for Emergency Repairs

For emergency AC repairs, our experts can get to your location within two to four hours. Call us to get in touch with one of our team members.

When an AC unit malfunctions, you need fast and efficient service to restore home comfort. Yates Heating & Cooling offers AC repairs anytime from 8am to 4:30pm Monday through Friday. Sometimes, your air conditioning may shut down at an inconvenient time. Whether your AC unit malfunctions in the middle of the night or over a weekend, Yates Heating & Cooling is here for you.  We offer 24/7 emergency AC repair service to residents of southern Michigan. We’re always available to answer the phone and send a technician out to your residence.

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Additional Services for Michigan Homeowners

As a homeowner, you have a lot of responsibilities on your plate. When something goes wrong in your home, you’re the one who needs to fix it. Finding the right provider to fix these issues can be a challenge. At Yates Heating & Cooling, we make home upkeep simple. In addition to our HVAC services, we have built working relationships with service providers across industries.

We can connect you with many types of professionals in southern Michigan:

  • Electricians
  • Roofers
  • Plumbers
  • Piping companies
  • Fire suppression companies

If you need additional repair services, we can connect you with a reliable provider. We’ll gladly connect you with our experts and bring them to your home when necessary.

The Cost of Air Conditioning Repair Services

Yates Heating & Cooling provides competitive pricing for our AC repair services. Costs can vary from residence to residence. Contact us today for a free pricing estimate and to learn more about your payment options. 

We also offer flexible financing to help you pay for your AC repair. FTL Finance provides simple options for any budget and makes the application process fast and simple.

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Areas that We Serve in Michigan

  • Brighton
  • Franklin
  • Green Oaks Township
  • Commerce
  • Canton
  • Beverly Hills
  • Bingham Farms
  • Salem
  • South Lyon
  • Commerce Township
  • Wolverine Village
  • Walled Lake
  • Bloomfield
  • West Bloomfield
  • Birmingham
  • Hartland
  • New Hudson

Don’t see your city on the list? Our team provides air conditioning repair services in many other areas. Contact us today to learn more about service availability near you.

Our Air Conditioning Repair Services

An AC unit helps circulate cool air throughout your home. During hot, humid summers, air conditioning can provide welcome relief. When your air conditioner isn’t performing up to standard, you may need repairs. The trained experts at Yates Heating & Cooling can carefully assess your AC unit and fix any issues quickly and efficiently. On a regular day, we can get a technician to your home within 24 hours. If you need emergency service, we can get there even faster.

Signs That You Need AC Repairs

Air conditioning systems can encounter problems and break down, even with routine maintenance. It can be difficult to know whether you need AC repairs, but there are several telltale signs that you can look for.

  • Your air conditioner is making strange noises, such as grinding or squealing.
  • You notice a musty or foul odor coming from your AC unit.
  • You have unusually high humidity levels inside of your home.
  • The unit fails to blow any air at all or refuses to turn on.
  • You notice that your air conditioner is blowing warm air instead of cold air.
  • Your outdoor AC unit has excessive moisture around it.
  • The air conditioner cycles on and off continuously for an unexplained reason.

Preventive Maintenance for AC Units

Preventive maintenance is very important for air conditioning systems. Over time, AC components can wear down and malfunction. By scheduling routine check-ups, you can fix any damage before it becomes too extensive. At Yates Heating & Cooling, our technicians can perform regular maintenance so that you can keep your AC unit running smoothly. As a result, you can reduce long-term costs and avoid shutting down your entire system. We can check common problem areas, such as your filtering system and thermostat. If we notice any problems, we’ll fix them for you. It’s that simple.

Air Conditioning Replacement and Installation

Repairs aren’t the best solution for everyone. In some cases, you may want to replace your AC unit with a new system. Yates Heating & Cooling provides air conditioning installation and replacement services for Michigan homeowners. If our experts believe that an AC replacement would be more effective and cost efficient than repairs, we’ll let you know. If your AC unit is old, requires frequent repairs, or is expensive to maintain, investing in a new system may be the right choice. Our technicians will carefully evaluate your cooling system and recommend the best action plan.

Why Choose Yates Heating & Cooling for Your AC Repair?

With so many options available, finding the right Michigan AC repair service can feel like a challenge. At Yates Heating & Cooling, we pride ourselves on providing the highest quality service and support to our customers. Our technicians are passionate about their work and pride themselves on a job well done.

 We will work closely with you to solve your AC problems and build the best cooling system for your home. You can’t beat our competitive pricing or our fast, efficient service. Whether you need a simple fix or a large-scale overhaul, our technicians are here to help.  


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Air conditioning repair can be stressful, but Yates Heating & Cooling makes it easy. Our team of local pros is available 24/7 to help get your AC unit up and running. Do you need AC repair service in southern Michigan? Complete the form below and we’ll reach out to you soon.

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