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Air ducts are a critical component of a home or business’s HVAC system, allowing the unit to carry air from room to room. Maintenance and replacement are often overlooked because of their position. It is important that they get adequate attention, though. Yates Heating and Cooling can help this process through custom duct installation and replacement services.


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Signs You Need New Custom Ductwork Installation and Replacement

The network of ducts in a home or business sucks air through the building through various air vents. The ducts send the air to the HVAC system, where it is filtered and cooled (or warmed). The ducts then pull the air out of the unit and circulate the fresh air through the building. Air ducts are critical for efficient air circulation and a healthy environment.

It is relatively easy to notice when air ducts need maintenance or replacement. Air ducts are meant to last longer than 10 years with proper care, but they can deteriorate or develop issues before that decade mark.

Tell-tale signs that air ducts are wearing down are poor airflow, poor air quality, higher energy bills, and thermostat temperature readings inconsistent with the temperature of the air inside the building.

Pests like rodents and insects will also infest loose air ducts, and mold or odors can build up. Damaged air ducts will also make noises. Contact Yates Heating and Cooling teams when these issues arise.


How Custom Ductwork is Installed

Maintaining or repairing ductwork can be a relatively straightforward job. Custom ductwork installation and replacement, though, can be very complicated. Building size, unit age, necessary materials, and unit location all factor into the installation process. People often attempt to manage ductwork installation and replacements on their own, using online tutorials or personal experience. This poses several issues, though.

One common problem is a lack of knowledge or familiarity with the latest technology and tactics. Since duct systems are only replaced about every 10 years, new materials can be drastically different than what is already installed. It is also necessary to remove this old material to a safe and appropriate location. Access to HVAC materials, working alone or with limited partners, the ability to crawl in tight spaces, spotting extra issues like tears or leaks, and buying appropriate tools are also problems for many DIYers.

Yates Heating and Cooling’s teams are made of expert and experienced technicians who are familiar with the design of different ductwork systems. We will be able to evaluate the various factors in the installation process and efficiently manage any job.

Repairing Air Ducts

There are times when a full custom ductwork installation and replacement might not be necessary. Yates Heating and Cooling teams often manage smaller repair and maintenance tasks that dramatically prolong the life of the unit. Duct vent repair, hole patches, lost or unsealed ductwork, clogged ducts, and leak repairs are all common jobs. Our technicians will evaluate the best course of action in each individual home or building.

Cost for Custom Ductwork Installation and Replacement for HVAC

The cost to replace ductwork can vary depending on the factors of the job. Depending on the building’s size, materials, and other components, custom ductwork installation and replacement can typically cost anywhere from $500 to $6,000. The cost is often what pushes owners to attempt the job on their own, but the small savings can cause a lot of trouble for an amateur technician and also long-term problems in the building.

Costs can vary depending on many variables. Yates Heating and Cooling will evaluate the job to determine the best price available, but homeowners can self-evaluate the costs ahead of our first consultation. Pricing varies based on the location within the home:


Attics often hold air ducts that are exposed and easy to reach. This ease of access helps keep the price low, but it will depend on the length of the ductwork. Replacing the ducts in your attic can typically cost anywhere from $1,000 to $4,000 depending on size, age, etc of your home or building.


Basements that are unfinished also hold easy-to-access air ducts, so replacements and installations are relatively easy. Finished basements can be tougher, as the air ducts are harder to access. The typical cost of replacing basement ductwork can range from $1,000 to $5,000.


Walls typically hold air ducts hidden behind drywall. This means that the cost and effort to repair the drywall will be a part of the overall cost of the job. This will add roughly $100 – $400 to the cost of the job.

Avoid Bad Ductwork Installation

Poorly installed or deteriorated ductwork systems can cause dozens of issues within a home, and it is critical to install high-quality materials correctly. Working with Yates Heating and Cooling’s professional technicians will ensure the job is done right. We promise to install ductwork that will lower utility bills, improve air quality, and last for years to come. Save money over the course of the HVAC unit’s life with both high-quality service and custom ductwork installation and replacement with Yates Heating and Cooling. Contact our team to get started today.